Together, let's develop a nationally competitive city.

Mission Statement:

My goal is to help develop People, Neighborhoods, Businesses, and institute processes that remove personal agendas and that allows us all to lead maturely and responsibly towards a nationally competitive City. 

Transparent, inclusive, humble, creative, and thoughtful common sense leadership. Self accountable in respecting all, dedicated on doing the right things for the right reasons and able to execute the hard decisions for the benefit of all, not just the few or the one or himself.  Determined to lead through collaboration, teamwork and developing future leaders to anticipate the changes that affect our community and making those changes become positive influences for all of us.

Focused on the creative Win - Win solutions that develops success for others, common ground development, and a better environment for business, personal development, exercising our freedoms, and living our lives in the pursuit of happiness.

Help support Hank in his efforts to help make Salem a nationally competitive Salem.


From Monday April 6th until Primary Tuesday; May the 6th. There will be 37 scheduled spinners at different locations throughout the city of Salem.  Take a pic and post to this HankJacobyforMayor Facebook page at least 15 photos of the Spinners on different days or at different locations and the chances you earn will be entered into the drawing for $100 in cash.  Let’s make yard signs obsolete!


  1. Hank Jacoby for Mayor Campaign volunteer staff not eligible but encouraged to take pictures and post.
  2. Spinners will always be inside city limits and on public property.
  3. Must have at least 15 individual postings for your chances to be entered into the drawing.
  4. Posting of same spinner expected as long as day or location is different.
  5. 1 chance is entered for every photo posted.
  6. 2 chances entered per photo post if posting has spinner’s name and Hank Jacoby for Mayor tagged in the post.
  7. 3 chances entered per photo post if 1 and 2 and posting is a selfie with spinner in the background.
  8. 4 chances entered per photo post if 1, 2 and 3 and you share the posting on your wall with your Facebook friends.  That’s a total potential of 148 chances!
  9. All local laws and respectful driving rules must be followed.
  10. Drawing will be held on May 6th, the day after the Primary Election, on this page.  We will IM the winner to arrange payment.
  11. Special mention will be announced for the person with the most posts.

Team up with friends to get good coverage and more chances.  Stop and introduce yourself to the Spinner’s if you don’t know their names.  Honk and say hello if you do.  Let’s have fun with this and see how many pictures we can get of the local sign spinners making yard signs obsolete.


Good luck, and make sure to vote May 5th.  It is the most contested Mayoral election in Salem’s modern history.  Be a part of that history!


1. I'm running a Mayoral campaign based on inclusion and cooperation. Yard signs are inherently divisive. Love those multiple Mayor candidate yards though, people see the need.
2. Why buy a hundred of something that is bound for the landfill after the campaign? What a waste!
3. Why not spend dollars locally on animated marketing to get the message across?


Welcome to political guerilla marketing, Salem! Hank Jacoby style.


I'm going to perform the job of Mayor differently and more creatively than everyone else would, why not market that fact the same way?